Falls Farm Is Now Welcoming Sign-Ups For The 2024 Season!

We’re thrilled to let you know that Falls Farm LLC is now welcoming sign-ups for our beloved CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares. This is your chance to receive a weekly bounty of fresh, sustainably-grown produce, lovingly cultivated right here in our fields. Why join our CSA? How to Sign Up Ready to enjoy a season […]

Written on: February 21st, 2024

Top Benefits of Joining a CSA Program: Fresh, Local, and Sustainable Eating

Introduction CSA programs, or Community Supported Agriculture programs, have become increasingly popular in recent years as people seek out fresh and locally sourced food. These programs offer a unique way for consumers to connect with local farmers and enjoy the benefits of seasonally fresh produce. In this article, we will explore the numerous advantages of […]

Written on: January 26th, 2024

Why Your Local CSA is Good for You and Your Community

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with the source of our food. However, joining a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) can change that. By becoming a part of a CSA, you not only connect with like-minded consumers but also participate in a more localized food system. This article explores the various reasons […]

Written on: October 30th, 2023

Roasted Vegetable and Chicken Bake: A Wholesome Dinner Delight

Last weeks Falls Farm CSA box was filled with delicious and organic vegetables for you and your family, this week we wanted to give you a nice dinner recipe that used most of the items in that CSA box There are few things more comforting than a tray full of roasted vegetables and succulent chicken. […]

Written on: October 12th, 2023

What’s in your CSA box this week? A Fresh Bounty Awaits!

Exciting times at Falls Farm! This week’s CSA box is packed with fresh, organic produce that’s perfect for healthy meals and inventive recipes. What’s In The CSA Box Peppers Spice up your meals with our home-grown peppers. Ideal for stir-fries or as a colorful addition to your salad. Radishes Crunchy and peppery, radishes are a […]

Written on: October 2nd, 2023

Falls Farm’s Tomatoes Shine in 38th Annual Massachusetts Tomato Contest

The 38th Annual Massachusetts Tomato Contest unfolded on August 22, 2023, at the Boston Public Market. Designed to showcase the quality of locally grown produce, the event featured an array of beefsteak and Valencia tomatoes. Among the competitors, Falls Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) achieved notable standings in three significant categories. Falls Farm’s Notable Standings […]

Written on: August 28th, 2023

Fall’s Farm CSA Website Redesign – Fresh Design, Fresher Produce.

At Fall’s Farm CSA in Montague, Massachusetts, our commitment to freshness extends beyond our fields. Just as we cultivate the best local produce for our CSA, we’ve cultivated a new look for our website in collaboration with Banas Web Design. This redesign reflects the same quality and care that goes into our farming practices. Explore […]

Written on: August 11th, 2023

The Sweet Benefits of Beehives at Our Community Supported Agriculture Farm

Welcome to our latest blog post! Today, we’re buzzing with excitement to discuss a special aspect of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm: our beehives. Not only do these industrious insects contribute to the overall health and productivity of our farm, but they also provide a multitude of benefits that extend beyond our property. Let’s […]

Written on: July 24th, 2023

What’s in Your Box: Exploring This Week’s CSA Bounty

Welcome, dear members, to another bountiful week at our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We’re thrilled to share with you the amazing array of fresh, local produce that’s been harvested from our fields and is now ready to grace your tables. Let’s dive in and explore the contents of this week’s box! Rainbow Chard This […]