Falls Farm Is Now Accepting Sign-Ups For The 2024 Season!

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Where natural comes naturally

Dr. James Arcoleo planting a brassica
Dr. Arcoleo inspects a young Purple Cabbage at Falls Farm
picture of large barn between trees on falls farm property
The barn at Falls Farm

Falls Farm: A Cardiologist's Journey Into Organic Farming

Dr. James Arcoleo planting a brassica
Dr. Arcoleo inspects a young Purple Cabbage at Falls Farm

Falls Farm has been a thought in my head well before we were fortunate enough to acquire the land of the Farm’s present location. The previous owners were looking for a buyer that had an appreciation for their land, someone that was not interested in subdivision or development and an owner that wanted to preserve the beauty of this property.

An introduction, I am a bit better known as a cardiologist (not a farmer) who has been in the Franklin County community for nearly the past two decades. Many of you know me as Dr. Arcoleo who has offices in Greenfield, Northampton, Holyoke and Springfield.

I have always had an urge to farm and grow the best produce and fruit. I started with a small garden about ten years ago in Conway which is the home town of my current residence. We actually did not have ANY suitable space on our land to garden. It was my neighbor and patient who graciously “donated” a spot for me to “practice”. This undertaking grew to the point of looking for a much larger spot. It literally took us about eight or so years searching for that right spot. When the opportunity to purchase the land for Falls Farm presented itself, we did not hesitate.

I realized a long time ago that good quality, naturally produced food is a main component of people’s quality of life. Over the years I have seen many less fortunate people experience trouble affording good food for their children and family. As we all know, everything has gotten more and more expensive and will probably continue on this trajectory.

Cultivating Quality Organic Produce in Franklin County

Getting Falls Farm off the ground was no easy task. This undertaking required a substantial time, knowledge and financial commitment. I will also add it has been an incredibly steep learning curve, to say the least.

In 2020, we drilled an irrigation well and planted 400 fruit trees of all varieties and grew about three acres of heirloom vegetables. This included various types of tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, onions and many other vegetables. The growing season was quite good and we sold much of what we produced, however not to the public.

This year we are offering for the first time produce to the community and everything at Falls Farm is organically grown. We are putting together affordable shares and will also be selling produce by the pound in case shares are not right for you or your family.

In 2021, we have expanded the Farm and will grow about 12 – 15 acres of vegetables. We are also adding another 400 fruit trees. In addition, we will be planting various types of berries, grapes, asparagus and other offerings which will take another year or two to start producing.

At Falls Farm, we believe that where ever possible to use sustainable energy. It is my plan to eventually have as much of the farm as possible run off of solar power. We are learning to grow as efficient as possible and to make our products as affordable as possible so that everyone can enjoy them.

This experience is new to me. There will be changes and additions occuring at the Farm over time. You will be able to order from our website. I welcome any comments or suggestions on what people would like to see grown at the Farm. I am up for just about anything.

Jim Arcoleo