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Falls Farm’s Tomatoes Shine in 38th Annual Massachusetts Tomato Contest

The 38th Annual Massachusetts Tomato Contest unfolded on August 22, 2023, at the Boston Public Market. Designed to showcase the quality of locally grown produce, the event featured an array of beefsteak and Valencia tomatoes. Among the competitors, Falls Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) achieved notable standings in three significant categories.

Falls Farm’s Notable Standings

Securing third place in the cherry tomato category with their “Five Star Grape tomato“, Falls Farm displayed its prowess in producing quality tomatoes. In addition, the farm also ranked 6th in the heaviest category with their Big Zac and 9th in the heirloom category with their Cherokee Green

Judging Criteria and Expert Panel

Tomatoes were judged based on criteria such as flavor, firmness, exterior color, and shape, evaluated by a panel of experts to ensure that the awards went to the most deserving entries.

Promoting Local Produce

The 38th Annual Massachusetts Tomato Contest serves as a platform for highlighting the importance of locally sourced produce. Falls Farm’s standings in multiple categories not only accentuate the quality of their tomatoes but also contribute to the broader narrative of supporting local agriculture.

Falls Farm’s respectable standings in the 38th Annual Massachusetts Tomato Contest affirm their commitment to quality and community-supported agriculture. While they may not have clinched the top spot, their achievements across diverse categories make them a noteworthy participant in Massachusetts’ local produce landscape.

You can view the full results of the 38th Annual Massachusetts Tomato Contest here!