Falls Farm Is Now Accepting Sign-Ups For The 2024 Season!

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What’s in your CSA box this week? A Fresh Bounty Awaits!

Exciting times at Falls Farm! This week’s CSA box is packed with fresh, organic produce that’s perfect for healthy meals and inventive recipes.

What’s In The CSA Box


Spice up your meals with our home-grown peppers. Ideal for stir-fries or as a colorful addition to your salad.


Crunchy and peppery, radishes are a great complement to any dish. Slice them up for a zesty kick in your salads.


A root vegetable with a unique nutty flavor. Try it mashed or in a hearty stew.


These green wonders add a tangy twist. Perfect for homemade salsa or a Mexican-inspired dish.

Grape Tomatoes

Bite-sized and sweet, these are perfect for snacking or tossing in a salad.


A staple for any kitchen. Enhances flavors in everything from stir-fries to marinades.


From caramelized onion to raw slices, the options are endless for this versatile veggie.


Stay cool as a cucumber with these hydrating delights. Ideal for salads or refreshing summer drinks.


Rich and versatile, eggplant is great grilled, baked, or blended into a creamy dip.


Don’t miss out on this week’s flavorful assortment. From snacking to cooking, this box has you covered for all your culinary adventures.