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Spring/Summer Shares

Spring/Summer Share Program – June 6 to September 4

13 Weeks

Please read the agreement below:

I understand that I am making a financial commitment weekly for a supply of fresh produce. There will be no refunds. We will work with you however we will not refund any payment. If you are unsatisfied, please email us. We want to share the best quality produce possible, so your feedback is important to help improve our operations and be proactive to catch any issues early. I understand that the items in the share will be selected by the farm each week. By agreeing to join our CSA, you are also agreeing to ready email communications from us including:

  • Special announcements (delivery changes due to holidays, etc.)
  • Site member communication (issues/changes at your site or important communication from your site host)
  • Any updates / Site changes

To cancel your subscription, please send us an email providing at least two weeks notice (moving, etc.). If you are planning to be away for the day of your pickup, we recommend asking a friend to pick up your share. It will introduce them to the program. If you provide a week’s notice, we could arrange to pickup your share at another CSA location that week. This option can only be accommodated for a maximum of two (2) times during the share season.

Full Share (Family of 4 – 6)
Small Share (Family of 2 – 4)
Individual Share – 1 person