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Frequently Asked Questions

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You’ll need reusable bags (or a box, however you find it easiest to get your share home) and if you plan on U-Picking, you’ll need scissors and containers (we sell at cost containers for berries, beans, cherry tomatoes, etc, but feel free to bring your own). In addition, we have a small farm store, if you’d like to purchase anything we do take cards, cash or checks. We are trying to reduce the amount of plastic bags we use on the farm and we need your help. Plastic bags are ONLY intended for items like salad mix that need to be measured by volume. PLEASE do not individually bag items in your share or use plastic bags taken from the barn for U-Pick. If you want to use plastic bags at pick-up, please reuse bags you’ve brought from home. Thank You! 

Share distribution is set up to allow for maximum flexibility and choice. Except in the very beginning of the season when we don’t yet have enough variety, pick up always includes a Mix & Match component. This means you have a certain weight allocation, say 10 lbs, and you can select any combination of vegetables to get to that 10 lbs. This means if you don’t like eggplant, you can skip it altogether, or you can try it one week and skip it the next. Designing the share this way maximizes your value because you are not forced to take things you don’t want and won’t use.



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